About the Netherlands and the province of Friesland

The Netherlands: a small country with great opportunities. The Netherlands is known abroad primarily for its tulips and clogs, but the country has so much more to offer!

Top-quality educatio

Higher education in the Netherlands is of top quality where innovation and practical research form an important part. What’s more, higher education in the Netherlands is known for its international focus.  With more than 2,100 international study programs and courses, it has the largest range of English-taught programs in continental Europe.

The Netherlands

  • Capital city: Amsterdam
  • Seat of government:  The Hague
  • Population: 16.3 million
  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Head of government: Prime Minister
  • Monetary unit: Euro
  • Number of provinces: 12
  • Official languages: Dutch and Frisian


NHL University of Applied Sciences is located in Leeuwarden, the capital city of the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands. Leeuwarden has about 95,000 inhabitants. Educating approximately 16,000 students in higher professional education and approximately 11,000 students in upper secondary vocational education.

Leeuwarden knowledge campus

Leeuwarden established its own knowledge campus. This knowledge campus is an initiative of the three universities of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden: NHL University of Applied Sciences, Stenden University of Applied Sciences and VHL University of Applied Sciences. Leeuwarden knowledge campus was set up to improve cooperation between educational institutions and the business sector and to stimulate knowledge development. Cooperation allows new initiatives, such as the development of applied research and knowledge clusters. In addition, the knowledge campus makes Leeuwarden more attractive as an educational city.