At the NHL University of Applied Sciences you can select from various Minors to broaden and deepen your specialist knowledge. The Thorbecke Academy presents four Minors taught in English. If you wish to find out more about our exchange programmes, there is further information for foreign students on our English website pages:

European Policy

The focus here is on Europe and the European Union, its latest developments and the impact of European policy and legislation on organizations, businesses and businesses operations and their corporate strategies.

Human Factors in Safety and Security

Safety and security in organizations depends on the quality of the people in the organization. In this minor you will learn to analyse the above aspects in an organization. The emphasis here is on human factors in an psychological, sociological and cultural sense.

Going Green

In this minor, students will explore subjects such as corporate social responsibility, renewable energy, Cradle 2 Cradle, environmental economics and change management.


The Cybersafety Minor includes a practical study, which you will conduct together with The Cybersafety Research Group (CRG). The research and education programme covers the following themes: trends in cybercrime, youth and cybersafety, and companies and cybersafety.